4 Ways To Clean Your Tile Floors

Tiles have become the most popular flooring option these days. Their durability, less maintenance and availability in variety of designs and colours has made them the top choice among all those looking for durable tiles for home. But to maintain their beauty and versatility for years, it is important that we do regular cleaning.

Here are some smart ways to clean tile floors and make them look new for years.


Vinegar: Vinegar is a non-toxic product and very effective in cleaning and disinfecting most of the hard surfaces. If your ceramic tiles have become dull over a period of time or have hard water stains on them, using vinegar would be the best way to bring back their brightness. All you need to do is dip a mop in white vinegar solution and mop the floor thoroughly from one end to the other. Leave it to air dry completely and get a sparkling floor!

Borax: This all-purpose cleaner has been found to be very effective in disinfecting tiled floors. It is highly alkaline and thus helps in easy cleaning and deodorising. Its application is also very simple. All you need to do is mix two to three tablespoons of borax in a gallon of warm water, and mop your designer tiles or vinyl flooring until they shine.

Hydrogen peroxide: When everything else fails to remove stubborn stains and dirt, hydrogen peroxide comes to rescue. Being an excellent fungicide and whitening agent, it is just what you need to clean the tiles and whiten those grout lines. Mix it with white flour to create a paste and then apply it on the tiles. Leave it overnight and rinse with cold water to see the magic.

Lemon juice: Like vinegar, lemon juice is also very effective in lightening stains and blemishes. Whether you have a hard-wood or ceramic tile floor, application of lemon juice will help in creating a hostile environment for mould and mildew. For best results, combine it with baking soda.