6 Bathroom Trends for 2017

Bathroom – it’s where you start and finish your day, it serves as a great hiding spot, offers solitude when needed and is the place where inspiration strikes. However, bathrooms typically tend to be taken for granted, especially when it comes to aesthetics. But when given due attention, your bathroom can, not only be a functional necessity but also a front-runner in bathroom-fashion.


So, if you’re in the process of giving your bathroom a makeover, here are some latest style trends that are creating a buzz in 2017.

Mixed Materials

If breaking away from monotony is your choice, make use of different textures – one solid glass wall with a wooden frame or a rugged textured wall with wooden shelving. Another option is to add curtains in bright colours to create a dramatic contrast.


Textured walls have been in trend for quite a while now. You could either opt for ceramic 3D wallpapers or go for slightly more subtle way of incorporating texture using stone-finish sanitary ware. For instance, a limestone wash basin.

Colour Contrast

With darker colours replacing last season light pastels, colour contrasts have become a huge favourite with interior designers and home decorators. Combinations like ebony and chalky white or charcoal with eggshell work wonders when trying to create a contrast.

Patterned Tiles

Tiling has always been a top-of-mind choice when doing the interiors, specifically floors and walls of a bathroom. This year, we are seeing a lot of the herringbone pattern when it comes to floor tiles. Industry leaders like Somany Ceramics, offer an eclectic variety of bathroom tiles designs at competitive prices.

Free-Standing Tubs

If you are looking for a contemporary style bath but are tired of looking at the usual run-off-the-mill options, free-standing tubs are the way to go. Streamlined infinity tubs, modern bowl-like tubs, etc., are few of the available options. You could also add a hint of vintage glamour with a crystal chandelier over the tub.


Lighting is extremely crucial when setting the mood of a room. The same stands true for bathrooms as well. Unlike traditional white, bright yellow lighting makes for quite an interesting lighting option. It also helps a great deal in enhancing the impact of textured walls and floors.