Tips for Choosing Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen is often referred as the heart of the house and why not? It is the place where food is cooked, and eaten, the place where we spend time with family and friends. So in order to make it fun and welcoming, it is important to design it strategically. Using the correct type of backsplash, floor and wall tiles can significantly help in doing this. As far as tiles are concerned, you must pick them depending on the location of their installation. For example, glossy tiles may look great on the walls, but are not a practical option for kitchen floors. So, here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while choosing tiles for the kitchen:

Material: The first thing to consider when buying kitchen tiles is the material they are made of. According to kitchen experts, porcelain is the best option for kitchen floors since it is low maintenance and high durability. Besides this, stone-inspired ceramic tiles have also become very popular these days. This is because they cost less than natural stone, are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. For backsplash, ceramic and glass make for great options as they are available in a variety of colours, styles and shapes.



Size: The next thing to  keep in mind while buying tiles is the size you are opting for. Big, oversize rectangular tiles are one of the best options for kitchen floors. They not only create fewer grout joints but also add a touch of style and elegance. You can find tiles of all sizes at reputed tile manufacturers like Somany Ceramics. Do explore their collection and you are sure to find the best tiles for your kitchen.

Grout: The size of grout lines is also an important factor to consider when installing tiles in your kitchen. Experts believe that thinner lines are better when it comes to grout. Tight grout joint gives a much cleaner look. It is also important to know that grout needs to be sealed in order to keep it away from staining. Besides that, one should also make sure that the colour of the grout matches with the colour of the tile. This will give a softer, more seamless appearance to the installation.

Keep these tips in mind while buying tiles and it will surely add elegance and longevity to your kitchen.